The DLCO-EA Team

and Office

The Council meets annually, reviews progress, makes policy and approves the annual budget, programme of work and stock of member governments. 

The Council appoints an Executive/Technical Committee that is composed of experts from relevant ministries of member countries. The committee assists and advises the Council on matters of proper management of the Organization.

The Council also appoints a Director who is the Chief Executive Officer, responsible to the Council for day-to-day management of the Organization. He represents the organization in relation to third parties, etc.

The Organization comprises the Divisions of Administration, Finance, Operations/Air Unit, Scientific research and Information and Forecasting Systems.

Our Dedicated Staff

Director, DLCO-EA
Chief Accountant
Chief Research Officer
Chief Information & Forecasting Officer
Chief Human Resource & Administration Officer
Operations Coordinator
Head of Safety
Senior Accountant

Our Leadership

Director, DLCO-EA 2022 - To Date
Director, DLCO-EA 2016 - 2022
Director, DLCO-EA 2011 - 2016
Director, DLCO-EA 2001 - 2011
Director, DLCO-EA 1992 - 1999
Director, DLCO-EA 1988 - 1991
Director, DLCO-EA 1979 - 1989
Director, DLCO-EA 1968 - 1978
Director, DLCO-EA 1962 - 1968