Republic of the Sudan

The Republic of the Sudan, located in north-eastern Africa, lies almost entirely within the tropics between latitude 21° 55´ and 9° 29´N and longitudes 21° 54´ and 38° 31´ E. It is bounded on the north by Egypt; on the east by the Red Sea, Eritrea, and Ethiopia; on the south by South Sudan and Central African Republic; and on the west by Chad and Libya. The total area of Sudan is 1,861,484 sq. km.

Generally the landscape is flat, featureless and plain; desert dominates the north .There are a few groups of hills and a mountain rising to over 1,500 m; Jebel Mara mountain (3,090 m) in Darfur state in the west and the Red Sea Hills (over 2,000 m) in the north-east near the coast.

Sudan harbours some of the most important areas for Desert Locust breeding in the Central Region, particularly during the winter season along the Red Sea coastal plains from the border to Egypt in the north to the Tokar Delta in the south.

Breeding during the summer season can occur in a vast area from West Darfur, stretching across North Kordufan to Kassala in the east. The area potential for Desert Locust breeding in Sudan is huge. The total area is estimated of 845,000 km2.

Credit: Wikipedia