New Desert Locust Swarms in Uganda

Uganda has been hit by a second wave of Desert Locust swarms which entered the Country from Turkana County of Kenya on 3rd April 2020 via Amudati District in Karamoja Region.

The new swarms are reported to be mixture of mature and immature adults which are causing considerable damage to pasture and crops, thus bringing panic and fear among the population. So far, 9 affected districts in Karamoja and Teso regions have recorded different swarm movements and migrations. The 9 affected districts are Amudati, Kumi, Nakapirpirt, Agago, Nabilatuk, Katakwi, Amuria, Abim and Otuke districts.

The Uganda People Defense Forces (UPDF) which were trained and deployed during the February invasion, are continuing with the ground spraying, using Knapsack sprayers. A DLCO-EA aircraft that is deployed in a cross- border mission between Kenya and Uganda will boost the locust control operation aerially, with hope of calming the Desert Locust invasion in the Country.

Source: Uganda CRB, DLCO-EA