FAO Representative to AUC & ECA (SRC-SFE) and the Director of DLCO-EA signed a Letter of Agreement

On 26th January 2017, Addis Ababa – The Sub Regional Coordinator for Eastern Africa and FAO Representative to AUC & ECA (SRC-SFE), Mr. Patrick Kormawa and the Director, Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO-EA), Mr. Stephen Njoka signed a Letter of Agreement to jointly implement the project to control the Desert Locust. Both […]

Desert Locust Update April 2020

Leaving aside the Desert Locust developments which have occurred between October 2019 and January 2020, the current situation in Kenya, southern, eastern and southwestern Ethiopia and Somalia still remains alarming to our region. Even though intensive ground and aerial control operations are progressing in many locations in Kenya and Ethiopia on immature swarms and hopper […]

Development of Desert Locust Swarms in Kenya

Despite the intensive ground and aerial control operations in Samburu, Marsabit, Isiolo, Turkana and other Counties, fledging and development of several large and dense immature swarms are continuing. Ground teams are using all means of control equipment including vehicle mounted sprayers, while several survey helicopters and spray aircraft are also battling the emerging swarms and […]

Desert Locust Situation Update

The current situation in East Africa remains extremely alarming as hopper bands and an increasing number of new swarms are forming in Kenya, southern Ethiopia and Somalia. This represents an unprecedented threat to food security and livelihoods because it coincides with the beginning of the long rains and the planting season. Although ground and aerial […]

New Desert Locust Swarms in Uganda

Uganda has been hit by a second wave of Desert Locust swarms which entered the Country from Turkana County of Kenya on 3rd April 2020 via Amudati District in Karamoja Region. The new swarms are reported to be mixture of mature and immature adults which are causing considerable damage to pasture and crops, thus bringing […]

Emergency Community-based Fall Armyworm Monitoring

The Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO- EA), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Sub regional Office for Eastern Africa (SFE) and the Ministries of Agriculture of implementing Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania jointly implemented an USAID funded project titled “Establishing an Emergency Community–based Fall armyworm Monitoring forecasting, Early […]